Quilling with 1st graders!  This is one of my favorite 1st grade art projects. this year I stretched it a bit more.  We reviewed the variety of lines we learned as kindergarteners (check out that project here). Then we looked at some examples of artists who use quilling in their work like Lisa Nilsson. Students then created their own quilling projects focusing on line. Students who needed an extra challenge are encouraged to create shapes.  This took 2 classes. During the last half of the second day, we did observational drawings of our quillings and discussed the difference between 2D and 3D work.  

First graders just finished up a long comic book project.  For the stories in the comic book we did a “pass the comic” routine.  Each student divided their paper into 4. Then they created the first panel. Then we passed the comic. So technically 4 students worked on the interior pictures and stories. Color sticks and sharpies were used on the inside.  

The covers were an entirely different lesson. We looked at several examples of comic book covers.  And discussed that titles are big and bold.  The artwork has the main character doing something related to the content of the story. Last they all needed to put who the artist was.

After several weeks of creating the comic we finished them up with some simple book binding. A little tricky at first, but we worked in small groups on the rug with a lot of one on one help. 

In the pictures above you see the cover and interior page side by side. We have “Going to the Zoo”, “The Pizza that Ate His Self” (one of my personal favorites), “People at the Supermarket”, and “Ironman 3”.