student art

Fourth graders just finished up an embroidery project.  First they created fonts inspired by the artist Jessica Hische and her blog Daily Drop Cap (that fancy letter F you see is courtesy of Daily Drop Cap as well).  They selected their favorite and transferred it to fabric and began embroidery.  I was so impressed with their enthusiasm for the craft.  Images of their sketches coming soon!

Our 2nd Graders recently collaborated with Pratt graduate art education student Tina Stevens.  After exploring specific works by artists Shervone Neckles and Brynna Tucker, the students then created their own 3D grid structures.  Images, words, and colors were chosen by each student to represent a memory and were decoupaged to their sculptures.  Their works, along with the works of Neckles and Tucker were then displayed in the exhibit Convergence: Seeing, Interpreting, Creating, Reflecting. 

3D animal collages  by 1st Grade.  First each student created a habitat. Then they created an animal that lived in that type of habitat and had to create a 3D skin texture.

Kindergartener’s were inspired to create these collages after reading Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Catepillar”.  Each student artist created their own patterned papers just like Mr. Carle to use to cut out shapes to create their animals.